Artur Flash E-Vapor


  • $50.00

A major issue that many people had with the German-engineered FLASH e-VAPOR was that it featured Brass pins, which is NOT a desirable material to be making contact with eJuice!

Fortunately, Winsmoke learned of this and just released this new version of the FLASH eVAPOR V2 clone featuring 24k Gold Plating over the pins, which will not wear over time, and will prevent your juice from making any contact with brass, which means we can all now enjoy this fine piece of German engineering without worrying about adverse health effects and internal discoloration on the unit!

You are in fact safer using this clone than you are with the authy that is priced at over $150.

Includes the optional foggy-transparent window ring that can replace the stock SS ring. It also includes an extra airflow screw (2 total)

-Large Allen Key, Spare Silica Wick, Spare Kanthal Wire, Gift Box.

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