vendor-unknown Accessories Black Authentic Vision Spinner 2 Mini 850 mAh

Authentic Vision Spinner 2 Mini 850 mAh


  • $19.95

The authentic Vision Vapros Spinner 2 Mini 850mAh batteries are a smaller, lighter version of the original Spinner 2 1650mAh stick battery. They feature all of the same settings, trading total capacity for a more compact profile and a sleek re-designed patterned look, making them much more pocket friendly with 22mm taken off the length.

Like their big brothers, these authentic MINI Vision 2 Spinner 850mAh variable voltage batteries feature an output range of 3.3 - 4.8 volts. The power-adjustment dial on the bottom of the has four 'locking points' at 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volt settings, allowing for a no-look adjustment. Settings in between each locking point can also be selected for fine-tuning.

The Spinner 2 Mini battery features both 510 and eGo style connections, to accommodate a variety of clearomizers and atomizers. It's compact size makes it very pocket-friendly, and these authentic units are much more reliable and tough than the clones. They can definitely take a beating, and you can feel the quality right in your palm. The Vision Spinner 2 Mini provides a great vape on the go.

All units include the matching authentic Vision 510 thread cover as pictured, and each package features a scratch authentication code which can be verified at Vision's Official Website.

Please Note: USB Charger is not included with purchase

Features / Specs:

Type: Rechargeable Variable Voltage Battery

Authentic or Clone: Authentic w/ Code

Capacity: 850mAh

Length: 104.5mm

Diameter: 16.5mm

Weight: 48g

Voltage Range: 3.3 V - 4.8 V

Amp Limit:

Low Res Limit: 1.2 ohms

High Res Limit: 3.0 ohms

Cut Off Time: Approx 8s

Charging Voltage (Input): 4.2 V/ 420 mAh

Charging Time (0 - 100%): 2 -3 Hours

Max Setting Battery Life: 4 hours (approx)

Average Use Battery Life: 6 - 8 hours (approx)

Charger Kit Specs: USB Charger

Model: USB-A

Input: DC 5V

Output: DC4.2V 420mAh

Has Logo: Yes

Charge Indicator Light: Red = Charging / Green = Charged Fully