vendor-unknown E-Liquid 00mg Cronos By Mystique e-Liquid - 30mL

Cronos By Mystique e-Liquid - 30mL


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Mystique is the e-liquid of choice for the esoteric vaping elite. The privileged few, those who have indulged in this mythical essence for many millennia, have chosen to liberate Man from the bonds of the uninspiring and commonplace e-liquid and lead them to the extraordinary and uplifting. Open your mind to a mystery that is like none you have ever experienced, the enigma that is Mystique Vapor. It will change your perspective on e-liquid, exposing a whole new level of vaping you never before thought possible.

Described as a complex candy flavour, Cronos e-liquid is a step above the rest. The sweet candy deliciousness is truly mouthwatering and is unique to every person. Experience the full-bodied flavour from the Mystique range.

Available in 30mL Size