WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cuboid All in One Audio Lamp

by Cooligg
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Cuboid All in One Audio Lamp

The Cuboid from Cooligg is an all-in-one solution for entertaining on the go. Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, Camping light, and power bank all in a 9.4" by 4.3" the Cuboid is a highly portable device.

Powerful LED lights on the corners as well as a "Music Curtain" LED pattern behind each speaker that pulses with bass tones provides a colorful spectrum of lighting. The "Music Curtain" LEDs can be customized by color or several oscillating light patterns. Built-in Lithium-ion Battery carries up to 8800 mAh of charge to powers the 10W speakers and battery bank. USB ports provide power for smart phones, tablets, ipad, or any other device with USB charging capabilities. 

The Cuboid is a perfect device for camping, parties, emergency situations, and a plethora of other outdoor activities.