vendor-unknown By Brand Dovpo 8-in-1 Edition RBA Coil Pack (48 Coils)

Dovpo 8-in-1 Edition RBA Coil Pack (48 Coils)


  • $19.95

The Dovpo 8-in-1 RBA Coil Pack is an assortment of pre-built RBA coils, featuring eight different coil build styles (six coils of each) for a total of 48 pre-built coils, for the use with practically any rebuildable style atomizers, such as RTA or RDA.

Coils come packaged in a re-usable seal-able plastic container with separator compartments. Great for storing coils or small components. Features styles such as fused clapton, standard clapton, ribbon twist, tiger, hive, twisted, quad, and tank track coil builds.

Dovpo 8-in-1 RBA Coil Pack includes these styles of coils:

  • Dovpo 0.3 Ohm Fused Clapton (6Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.4 Ohm Tiger (6Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.8 Ohm Clapton (6 Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.3 Ohm Ribbon Twist (6 Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.45 Ohm Mix Twisted (6Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.35 Ohm Quad (6Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.5 Ohm Hive (6Pcs)
  • Dovpo 0.45 Ohm Tank Track (6Pcs)

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