WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nucleus 13" Full Color Beaker Waterpipe

by Nucleus
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The Nucleus 13" Full Color Beaker Waterpipe is a classic beaker style piec e with a 4" wide base designed for added stability and increased water capacity optimized cooling and filtration.

Sitting in the main beaker bottom is a 4" 18mm to 14mm removable diffused downstem that forces your smoke through the water before passing into the neck. You can see tiny slits at the end of the downstem that help to increase the surface area of your smoke for better filtration.

Just in case the diffusion from the downstem wasn't enough this piece also features an ice pinch so you can fill the entire neck with ice cubes to make your smoke ice cold! Moving up to the neck you will see the shiny Nucleus Glass logo and a thick flared mouthpiece to ensure an airtight seal with your mouth. 

Comes in your choice of color, green, blue or black. The color you choose can be seen through the entire bong, the downstem and keck clip. The keck clip, also known as a K-Clip, helps to keep your downstem secure so it does not come out every time you remove the bowl piece. Also included is a 14mm clear glass bowl section.

Nucleus Clear Glass Bubble Beaker with Angled Neck Features:

  • Authentic Nucleus Product
  • Colored Thick & Durable Glass Construction
  • Beaker Style Design
  • Height: 13"
  • Base Width: 4"
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Angle: 45 Degrees
  • 14mm Male Bowl Included
  • Removable Colored Downstem
  • 4" 18mm To 14mm Downstem
  • Platinum Nucleus Decal
  • Ice Catcher Functionality
  • Flared Mouthpiece