Revenge of the Squape v3

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Squape is back- with a vengeance! The all-new Squape Clone V3 by WinSmoke boasts some serious improvements over the past two renditions. This model has an airy-er draw than of any of the previous editions, and now features a functional adjustable pin.

New in this model:

WIDENED Stock Bottom Airflow Holes - Now 1.1mm
WIDENED Stock Top Airflow Hole - Now 1.4mm
2ND Bottom Airflow Hole Opened
PIN ISSUE CORRECTED - Pin may now be adjusted without issue.

You will not find these, or any other WinSmoke-made product on FT.

  • Materials: 304 SS Body / Anodized Aluminum Deck & Chimney (Non-Conductive) / Pyrex Tank
  • Finish: Alternating Rotary / Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Tank Capacity: 5.2ml
  • Weight (Empty): 95g
  • Diameter: 22.7mm
  • Height (Excluding 510 Stem/Drip Tip): 55mm
  • Height (Including 510 Stem/ Drip Tip): 81mm
  • Pin Type: Adjustable - CONFIRMED
  • Bottom-Fed Air Supply
  • Knurled Positive/Negative Post Screws
  • Packaging: Black WinSmoke Gift Box
Extras Included:

Two spare post-screws (Note: The screws are of two different thicknesses - Easy Turn and Stiff-Turn. The unit comes with one of each type installed)

-Five Extra O-Rings - (3) Small, (1) 16mm and (1) 18mm - Try different sizes on your Squape Body.